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Enjoy building applications to be used by 6000+ merchants and choose any developments stack you prefer, Zid is the way to get passive income and grow your e-commerce knowledge.


Public Application

Build an application and sell it to more than 5000+ merchant on Zid platform


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Public Themes

Build Zid theme and sell it to more than 5000+ merchants on Zid platform. 


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Read our APIs documentation and guides that help you to get started.


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How can I build an Application?

In Zid Partners we are trying to make application developments easy for any developer in any stack. you can register as a Zid developer and create an account in the Partner Dashboard portal after that you could create an application and our system will generate a token for you to start development and build your application.

How much Zid will charge me to list my application in App Market?

Zid will not charge you anything. Zid will list your application in Zid App Market in the Merchant dashboard and that will give you access to more than 6000+ merchants and revenue will be shared between Zid and you.

What is the process till I can sell my application?

1- Create a partner account.

2- Create an application profile

3- Set the OAuth.

4- Deploy your Application

5- Zid Team will test Application

6- Go live with pilot Store

7- Zid will List your application in Zid App Market.

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