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Start your growth in 4 Phases


Create a partner account

Fillin your account information and submit your partnership details


Integrate Your System

Explore our APIs and document to reach a successful integration with us 

Expected time: Dev experience


Sign your Agreement 

Our Partnership team will share with you an legal agreement to be signed  

Expected time : 1-10 Working Days


Test your App

Have a test session with our team, to ensure completing an accurate integration.

Expected time: 1-2 Weeks

Explore our APIs

Discover and try our APIs to build your applications and start integrating your system with us.

Ready to Start? Great! We got you covered.

We tried through our documentation to provide you with everything from opening a partner account to an interactive API explorer, automatic mock servers, code samples in your favorite languages, and comprehensive examples.

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Is there any charge to list my application in Zid App Market?

Zid will not charge you anything. However, the revenue will be shared between Zid and you, which will be discussed and signed with the partnership agreement after sign-up.  

What are the accepted categories in Zid App Market?

There are 10 available categories:

  1. Inventory Management

  2. Accounting

  3. Analytics and Reports

  4. Shipping and fulfillment

  5. Operations Management

  6. Drop shipping

  7. Customer service

  8. Marketing

  9. Productivity

  10. Payments

How many Apps can a single developer create and publish?

There is no limit,  you can create and publish as much as you want. However, for each Service, there should be only one App, and if you have another service you can use the same account to create another App for that service, etc... as well as the agreement, you have to sign one agreement for each App.

What are the supported Apps type ?

OAuth Application: 
This type of application is a third-party App that is integrated and authenticated using the
OAuth 2.0 specification to be able to use Zid's API resources.

Can I publish my App to one store only?

This is available only for enterprise-level partners. Therefore,  if he isn't, you can ask the merchant to upgrade his plan to get this feature.